A review by bookshop_b
Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth


I feel like I'd forgotten what a great writer and storyteller Veronica Roth is after the train wreck movie series that was Divergent.

I really enjoyed this book but it took while for me to get used to the universe (I think this is because I don't read heaps of sci-fi) but when I finally did, I fell in love.

Minus all the corruption and everything Ryzek did, I really loved the Shotet culture. The whole 'carving the mark' thing was awesome!

And oracles?! (even though they're all dicks...) How cool!

But the names though.


I could not deal with the weird 'space' names everyone had. I swear half the time while reading this book I just made general noises in my head to distinguish the weird names.

The only name I was confident in was Akos. Legit - that was the only one!

Which is why I'm giving the book 4 stars.

But is you like strange names and a pretty hardcore, badass heroine (yaassss Cyra) you'll enjoy this book! I certainly did