A review by bigotterbooks
Doctor Who: Engines of War by George Mann


The WAR DOCTOR! That tells the whole story of the character and strikes fear into the enemies heart all at the same time! This is NOT a warm and fuzzy Doctor Who book. It’s a fabulous telling of the story of the Doctor we don’t talk about-kind of like Valdemort but with a sonic screwdriver.

I feel like I’m getting into a rut with my reviews and the use of the phrase ‘little gem of a book’, but honestly, if THIS book were an actual gem I would put it at the end of a lovely chunky gold necklace and wear it every day! This book is a perfect example of why so many people adore Doctor Who. He is flawed, violent, haunted and not human; but we cheer for him, cry for him and want him to conquer his demons and be happy.

The demons in Engines of War are the dreaded Daleks. Enemies of the Doctor since forever, in this book we revisit the Great Time War where the Daleks have some nasty tricks up their sleeves. From his crashed TARDIS on Moldox to Gallifrey, this incarnation of the Doctor as played onscreen by John Hurt is everything we want our Doctor to be and more. There is some backstory that features more of our old favorites …shhh… don’t give it away!! Newbies may find parts of the book a bit confusing but just stick with it and you’ll soon be an old fan like the rest of us. George Mann is also another old timer Doctor author and this is probably my very favorite of his books.