A review by perfectlymisaligned
Draculas by F. Paul Wilson, Blake Crouch, Jack Kilborn, Jeff Strand


5++ stars

A completely different and ingenious take on the vampire novel.

4 amazing authors: [a:J.A. Konrath|137270|J.A. Konrath|http://photo.goodreads.com/authors/1238279777p2/137270.jpg], [a:Blake Crouch|442240|Blake Crouch|http://photo.goodreads.com/authors/1264134132p2/442240.jpg], [a:F. Paul Wilson|20561|F. Paul Wilson|http://photo.goodreads.com/authors/1210613635p2/20561.jpg], [a:Jack Kilborn|1724698|Jack Kilborn|http://photo.goodreads.com/authors/1264134305p2/1724698.jpg], and [a:Jeff Strand|207708|Jeff Strand|http://photo.goodreads.com/authors/1238033438p2/207708.jpg] - each creating their own characters and following them through to the end - come together to create an absolutely amazing twist on the Vampire novel.

Mortimer Moorecook is a desperate and dying man. Willing to do just about anything to survive the disease that is ravaging his body. After acquiring the so called "Dracula's Skull", he believes he has found the answer to his prayers. Within minutes of the skull arriving at his home, he sinks the elongated teeth into his own neck...

To say anything else about the actual storyline would take away from the enjoyment of discovering all the twisted nuances to this roller coaster of a novel.

As gory and twisted as this novel is (and trust me when i say, this is not for the squeamish), there is a hefty dose of delightfully warped black humor thrown into the mix, which only made me love this book more.

I am already a HUGE fan of JA Konrath/Jack Killborn, but this book makes me anxious to read more by the other authors as well.

Not for the fainthearted, but if you enjoy finding yourself giggling as you squirm in your seat, grab this book and dig in!

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