A review by nwhyte
Doctor Who Short Trips: Monsters by Steve Lyons, Anthony Keetch, Ian Farrington, Danny Oz, Simon Guerrier, Joseph Lidster, Matt Grady, Ian Mond, Stephen Hatcher, Samantha Baker, Marc Platt, Jacqueline Rayner, Jim Mortimore



Didn;t grab me as strongly as some of the previous volumes in this series, with some stories (like Marc Platt's) trying too hard and others not trying at all. I did particularly like the very first story, "Best Seller" by Ian Mond and Danny Oz, which has the Eighth Doctor and Chaley pollard encountering a evil book in Australia, and a long satire on reality TV, "Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of Life" by Anthony Keetch which has the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa faced with a cult sf show on contemporary Earth. I note also a story set in 14th-century Ireland, "Screamager" by Jacqueline Rayner, which brings the Second Doctor and Victoria into contact with the Black Death and is nice enough from the character point of view but not hugely historically satisfactory.