A review by aimsmeee
Feral Nights by Cynthia Leitich Smith


So on a whim, I read Feral Nights, because I wanted to read something but had very little mental energy and all my other current books are nonfiction. And... I'm kind of disappointed? Like, I went in with low expectations, but the werecreature society idea could have been really really good! It's exactly the kind of idea I'd read 100 trashy stories about and be delighted by each and every time. There were wereopossums and werearmadillos and a werebear/wererabbit cop duo that I was fully prepared to stan... but then all that got kicked to the curb in favour of Sexy Male Werecats Fighting Over Girls.

Also demons. And yetis. And vampires. And again, I'd love to read a book about any of the above genres (with the exception of Sexy Male Werecats Fighting Over Girls), but all of them smushed together needed a lot more coherence than Smith gave it.

Finally, while billed itself as the first book in a trilogy, it quickly became clear it was actually a sequel to another novel Smith wrote, which explained why I felt like I'd been dropped into the middle of the action, rather than the beginning, but did nothing to make up for it.