A review by impybelle
Deadly Little Lies by Laurie Faria Stolarz


I'm glad I gave Deadly Little Lies a spin despite being disappointed with Deadly Little Secrets (the first book in the series) because DLL is a really, really good book. Where other LFS books fail to fully catch fire for me, this one does and then some.

Camelia isn't doing so well since Matt kidnapped her in the previous book and I like that she isn't expected to have fully recovered simply because that book is over. The after-effects linger so that when Camelia starts to sculpt things that have some sort of importance on the future (a key for the afternoon when she's left her keys at home, for one) she wonders if maybe she's losing her mind. Quite a few of her sculptures can be explained away by her subconscious taking the wheel while she zones out, leaving you to wonder if maybe that is what's happening. Is she really psychic or is it all just a fluke?

Then there's the little matter of the stalking which begins anew, albeit differently than before. Is it just a prank to coincide with Ben's return to school or is someone actually after Camelia again?

Most interesting to me are the peeks back in time at Camelia's aunt and the realizaton that Camelia's powers weren't somehow transferred from Ben, but inherited from her mother's side of the family.

Bonus points given for Camelia trying not to let her own drama overshadow her friends' and continuing to try and be a better friend to them than she was before.

Also, massive bonus points given for Adam and I hope he makes a return visit in the series because, honestly? I like him better than I like Ben.