A review by charinabook
Self-Made Boys: A Great Gatsby Remix by Anna-Marie McLemore


5 stars

This book healed a part of my soul I didn't know needed healing as much as it did. Great Gatsby was one of my favourite classics growing up and it's queer subtexts were always the driving force behind my love for it. To see that, come to life whilst remaining pretty loyal (all things considered) to the original text makes me wish I could share it with 16 year old me. I wish I could go back and show them that T for T relationships are where I will feel safe, and that being trans isn't anything to be afraid of, that my love for queer books allowed me even then to experience things I didn't ever think I'd get and that there was hope, and there has always been hope throughout history for queer people to develop and exist, even if it is quite often a hard fight.

I'm so grateful to this book, and so glad I pre-ordered it.