A review by effy
The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


I picked this book up as I was in a bit of a reading funk and didn't really know what I wanted to read. I have been mildly interested in this series for some time and had some expectations about this book namely that it was going to be somewhat of a competition. I am not really sure where I got the impression that our main character, Avery, would have to compete for the pot of money but I was quite far off with that. Avery stands to inherit the whole fortune and the only condition is that she lives at Hawthorne House for one year; the game in the book is simply for everyone involved to try to get answers about why Avery has been bequeathed the majority of the money.

Because I had certain incorrect assumptions going into this book, I found it to be a lot less pacey than I was hoping for. There were definitely multiple threads happening at once where we are wondering 
Spoiler who is trying to murder Avery, as well as the death of Emily
and, obviously, what Avery's connection to the Hawthornes is. I wasn't a massive fan of the romance in this book, especially as it seemed as though it was setting up a love triangle but it was definitely more of a subplot with the various mysteries being the main focus. 

Whilst I understand the reason why we don't get the answer as to why Avery was left almost everything until almost the end of the book, it was frustrating to have to wait. I think part of the frustration is due to the fact that there wasn't really any way that it could be guessed or theorized. Well, I'm sure some smart people put it together but I didn't 🤣   

I am glad that the story was relatively wrapped-up in one book rather than trying to stretch things out for the trilogy.

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