A review by probablyreadingsmut
Possessive Cowboy by Jenna Cook


Three possessive cowboy stars ☆☆☆

After going through a year long dry spell, Raina decides she needs to add some excitement into her life- a one-night-stand. She meets Maverick on the Hush app, a place for people to find hook-ups. They meet at a bar one night and after he leaves a bad impression, she almost walks out but he redeems himself. They spend one passionate night together... and she's gone by the time Maverick wakes up!

I'll admit- I didn't care for Maverick.

"For the first time, I tear my eyes away from her body and look at her face."


"I’m a cowboy on his night off looking to blow off some steam. I’m not looking for my goddamn soul mate or something."

But he redeems himself in the end! I thought this was an alright romance, I would've preferred for Mav to be a little more likeable though.

no virgins
no OM/OW
no cheating/sharing

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