A review by kmccubbin
Doctor Who: Spare Parts by Marc Platt


Doctor Who's finest moment since, well, since this author's previous (televised) story "Ghost Light", in 1996. Almost too good to be true, it's a piece of stark, terrifying, drama that wins over non-fans and, for fans, oh what a feast! For 4 episodes the listener gets to feel what it was like for one of the Doctor's greatest foes to actually be innovative and scary again. It's a slight of hand that I haven't seen any other genre fiction author EVER pull off.
Unnerving, moving, relentless, this is what Doctor Who in the modern era could've been, but isn't.
And speaking of could've been, we get an (aural) glimpse of the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, bringing the magic in a way, even in his own era, he was rarely allowed.
While Big Finish's audio dramas are wildly uneven, there are definitely gems... This is a jewel.