A review by steffandbooks
The Favor by Suzanne Wright

emotional funny tense medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Character
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? No
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


This book was a whole vibe that's for sure. It started off strong like most of the marriage of convenience books. The male character came up with a lame ass reason to fake date and get married, then obviously, as the story, goes along, they fall in love and stay married for good.
Well, Vienna is a really strong as character. She knows how to handle Dane due to having worked for him for a very long time and Dane is super grumpy. Like super super grumpy. I've never come across another one that is grumpier than him. Anyways, I liked how he was able to read every single emotion from her. He knew her so good already, no point of lying at all. 
SpoilerThere are quite a few heavy topics being discussed, e.g. Vienna's father had DID, her mother wanted to sell her to her drug dealer when she was a minor, she went into foster care, her foster sister didn't like her and abused her. Dane was also abused by his father, he lost his twin when he was eight and he doesn't have a good relationship with the rest of his family, except for maybe one of his brothers - Kent. I was like, jeez, give the characters a break.
I wasn't really surprised about the end, saw it coming from a mile away because I know a jealous woman when I see one. I did like how Dane and Vienna almost every time communicated with each other. There were multiple conflicts presented in the book, but they never actually broke up, mostly because of Dane just being a possessive ass man and not letting her leave until they talked things out. What I didn't like were the sexy scenes. I was looking for one sweet or let's say normal moment, but it always ended up in getting f** and in the same position. It looked liked that Vienna enjoyed it at least every time. Although their time in NY was a bit questionable because
Spoilershe told him no multiple times and he just pursued it nevertheless. I didn't think it to be an overly no go because Vienna didn't actually mean to say no. She said no because she thought it wasn't a good idea to sleep with him again and because they agreed it should never happen after the first time happened. She didn't say no because she didn't want to sleep with him, quite the opposite. So that's why I was kind of able to overlook the situation.
Overall, it just took me so much time to get through this book. Idk might have been my kindle app, but felt like an eternity and usually I get through 350 pages-books in two days max. I also found it exhausting sometimes to just read through the characters days for a whole chapter. There is no real plot her, it's more of a vibe kind of book, which I do enjoy occasionally as well, but in some instances it just felt boring and I didn't want to read about the character putting dishes into the dishwasher and then going upstairs to read, take a shower and so on. Felt to me like the author just wrote something down to have the pages filled.

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