A review by kricketa
Tell Me Everything by Cambria Brockman


Recommended to me by a fellow Ruth Ware fan. This is an atmospheric slow burn with a few things that didn't quite add up for me
Spoiler If Malin lacks empathy, why can she not bear her mother's disappointment, and why was she so upset about her dog? Why didn't John tell Ruby that Malin stole her purse, since he was already so good at denying his philandering?
I could also tell it was a first novel because she used some really weird descriptors like saying that Ruby's bones felt brittle when Malin touched her arm- really? She touched the arm of the best athlete on the soccer team and her bones felt like they were going to break? And Malin, despite lacking empathy, is REALLY good at reading people's faces and seeing all of their feelings through their eyes.

So, it's not perfect writing but I did race through the 12 hour audiobook in a matter of days, and would recommend to Gone Girl on the Train fans.