A review by bunnieslikediamonds
The Walls of Air by Barbara Hambly


I'm loving this old fantasy series I stumbled upon. In this second book Ingold and Rudy set off to the city of Quo to get help against the Dark ones. For a couple of wizards, they sure have to put up with a lot of shit on the way. I like that they're not able to solve every problem with magic, but you'd think they'd device some spells to ward off hungry neanderthals and dragons.

Meanwhile Gil, now part of the royal guard, stays on at the Keep and buddies it up with Queen Alde. Gil still identifies as a scholar, we're told a bunch of times, and spends many scholarly hours investigating old records trying to figure out who built the Keep and how. I'm expecting major discoveries in the next book. She's also pining over Ingold, which I find worrisome. He's old and bearded, it'd be like having sex with Gandalf.

These books are dark and funny and occasionally scary, and I wish I'd found them when I was a kid.