A review by catmonteiro1
Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood


So… I did not love love love this book. At the beginning I felt like it was too similar with The Love Hypothesis. Same plot, same thing, with the difference of areas here the main characters worked. So that caused for me to take some time to feel the connection with the book.
Didn’t really connect with the main characters either, liked the secondary ones way more. Also the whole miscommunication trope is definitely not for me and the constant need to reforce that the male character hated the female one (in her eyes only) was kinda tiring and to similar with the other book as well.
Liked the romance part on this on better, laughed a little more and the whole dinamic between them was really cute. Also the constant references to Marie Curie were a BIG PLUS for me, I love Marie Curie and there was a lot of things I didn’t know so it was fun to discover them! Also the STEM environment is still a must for me, loved all the girl power and f**k you’s, but also it’s so well portraited the mysogny and the male chauvinism and the fact that even in today’s world you still need to “be supported by a man” in some of your actions or decisions to be taken serious.
One of the plot twists by the end was so unnecessary for me, it was just to bring drama and for me it just made me roll my eyes and ask “why God, why?”.
I think this was a lot smuttier than The Love Hypothesis, maybe a 3/5