A review by writingwwolves
Doctor Who: Engines of War by George Mann


I was skeptical about how this book would pan out as we haven't *seen* much of the War Doctor at all, but George Mann portrayed John Hurt's version of the Doctor incredibly. Right from his very first lines I could hear the War Doctor's voice perfectly clear in my mind - Mann managed to get his character and personality exactly how he was in The Day of the Doctor and for that I applaud him.

As for the story itself; I loved it. I loved visiting Gallifrey and all the Time Lords from the show were represented wonderfully. I also LOVED Cinder to pieces (especially her name) and how she interacted with the War Doctor. The adventure Cinder and the War Doctor had together was fast moving and exciting. Although, the ending did break my heart. As someone who has mainly focused on Modern Who I loved learning about Gallifrey from a book and I'd love to read more books set there.

This is definitely one of my favourite Doctor Who novels, I'm very pleased I bought it. A round of applause for George Mann!