A review by skinnygetout
Dead Little Mean Girl by Eva Darrows


A laugh out loud funny book full of sarcasm, sass, and wit.

Eve, a self proclaimed nerd is forced into a new sisterhood with Quinn, a budding fashionista, when their moms fall in love and move in together. At first things seem okay, even if the two are polar opposites. However, things fall apart quickly when Quinn reveals her true colors as West Vale's resident sociopath. Anyone who goes against Quinn feels her salty mean girl brand of wrath. Along the way, Eve gains a new best friend and a boyfriend, both of whom find their way to Eve in the wake of a Quinn storm.

I really like the way Eve was written and how snarky she was throughout. The only part that felt a bit forced was the romance, it just felt a little bit predictable.

This is a good read for fans of nerd girl stories and snarky realistic fiction.