A review by jessicamap
The Road That Takes You There by Jason Sechrest


Thanks to the author for a copy in exchange for my honest review

I’m a sucker for short stories and I’ve been dying to get into some more horror lately to break up all the thrillers. When Jason reached out about his newly published short story I was so ready to dive in. I devoured this one while I was at the salon and loved every second of it (may or may not have made the hairstylist wait for me to finish it).

I know that some readers out there aren’t fans of short stories because they are always left wanting more, whether it be details, character development, or more to the story. Sechrest does an incredible job dropping us into that ’57 Thunderbird alongside George Tinker as he drives down that familiar road. You feel his distress and that desperate desire to know why something has suddenly changed.

If you’re looking for a short horror story that isn’t about monsters like vampires and werewolves, then this is one you shouldn’t overlook. The horror occurs in the mind of the main character and I’ll always be in awe of authors that can pack a punch in such a small amount of pages. Definitely an author I’ll be looking for more from in the future!