A review by tripp2mylou
Linda Vista by Tracy Letts


Tracy Letts, man - his plays never fail to be incredible. I might have to buy a copy now, because there is so much I want to go back and highlight/underline.

Some gems, although out-of-context:

"I have had it with the deathbed. We burn a lot of fuel thinking about the deathbed. How long do you plan to spend on your deathbed? A day, a week? Maybe a couple months, at most. You got a whole lifetime before you get to the deathbed. Maybe live your life the way you want and just accept that the deathbed is not going to be the high point. You’re all alone on your deathbed? Cheer up, you’re about to die."

"Grab whatever happiness you can. Whether it’s a day or a week. You don’t know what’s gonna happen. You’ll fuck it up, whatever you do. Maybe Minnie promised she’d hurt you because she’s smart enough to know it’s all gonna get fucked up regardless. Cause no matter what you do, we’ll all be on the deathbed eventually, whether we have company or not."

"Y’know, when people are actually holding a gun to your head, I don’t think they ask questions like that, like, 'Was it worth it, marrying Paul?'"

WHEELER: I fucked it up, something good in my life. I don’t know why. But I regret it so much. I do love you. And I believe you love me too.
JULES: It doesn’t matter.
WHEELER: Why is that?
JULES: Because I respect myself.

"If you ever want to know how pathetic you are, have somebody list the contents of your pantry."