A review by watson_face
A Trace of Smoke by Rebecca Cantrell


The first chapter itself grabs hold of you and makes you want to follow Hannah Vogel through the Hall of the Unnamed Dead and out into the world in order to find out what exactly happened to one of the nameless dead. That particular unclaimed corpse happens to be her younger, eccentric brother, Ernst, and Hannah stops at nothing in order to find out what became of her favorite sibling. Hannah is a strong willed woman in 1931 Germany that writes for a paper under a male alias and does not agree with the rise of the Nazi party. While investigating her brother's mysterious death, Hannah gets swept up in a world of debauchery and military secrets that she never intended to uncover. She must rely on her journalistic abilities in order to find a way out of this mess and without hurting a child that has suddenly shown up on her doorstep claiming Ernst was his father.

I really enjoyed the entire book especially since Cantrell doesn't make it obvious within the first few chapters who the murderer actually is; she keeps you guessing, throwing some twists and turns in there.