A review by tackyj
Delirious by Marie Force


Giving three stars because that's the best I can do. Didn't plan to continue this series, but it popped up on my library hold list so I decided to give it a try. I'm still intrigued by the characters and still enjoy the story-lines. I love their devotion to each other and they way they make their friendships a priority, but I'm so tired of the prominent role BDSM plays in their lives. These people are committed to busy stressful careers, yet they manage to spend an inordinate amount of time planning, thinking about, discussing and having sex. They must have more hours in their days that the rest of us.
It really bothered me that a recent breast-cancer survivor, still suffering from after-effects of her treatment, was able to jump into "the life" so totally and effortlessly. On the one-year anniversary of her diagnosis, she's more than ready to go for it. Such an unrealistic portrayal. Where the heck did she get all that energy while dealing with post-chemo fatigue and chemo-brain (by her own admission), not to mention mental insecurities and uncertainties, two children, a cross-country move and a new job?
Ms. Force threw some hints that maybe the Quantum group is also getting tired of the scene, so maybe the rest of the series can proceed a bit differently.