A review by agrutle
The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay


Okay, so its been about an hour since I finished this book and honestly I still can't put in to words how much I loved it. I'll start by saying that my best friend, Corie pretty much forced me to read it because she knows what I like and knows that I wouldn't do it because I was being told to do it. I'm kind of a brat that way. I don't like being told what to do. Anyway, this book was amazing and I'm so glad she got me to read it. Once I picked it up to read, I hated putting it down to do menial chores like feeding my family.

Right off we meet Nastya, she's living with her aunt Margot, and she doesn't talk, ever. She's living with her aunt because she can't stand to be with her mom, dad and brother, because they expect her to be the girl she was before everything fell apart. She just can't, shes so angry and she hates everyone. She doesn't talk so she doesn't have to lie to them. She doesn't want the love that she doesn't feel she should get.

The first day of school is hard enough when you're a regular kid, but when you're starting at new school and you don't speak, it's like climbing a mountain. Nastya wants nothing to do with anyone. She doesn't want friends and she dresses the exact opposite of what she did before. Hiding in the bathroom everyday during lunch is her way of getting through the day. The first person she meets is Drew Leighton. He comes off as a cocky jerk that is all about one thing, SEX. All he talks about is getting in to Nastya's pants. Not talking hinders her from telling him no and being able to stand firm on it. So she goes to parties with him. In the end though Drew ended up being one of my most favorite characters. He's not all he seems and he's got a soft side.

Josh has an invisible force field around him. No one says anything to him because every around him has died. Now he's on his own, no one at home and all he wants to be is left alone to his woodworking. He noticed Nastya the first day of school, because really who wouldn't with the way she was dressed. He just doesn't want to get involved with anything or anyone. That goes out the window when Drew drops her off after a party. Drew's going to miss curfew and shes wasted, so he leaves her with Josh to get her home. After that he still doesn't want to have anything to do with her, until she just shows up and keeps showing up. Finally one day she talks to him. She only talks to him.

Their relationship is easy, they just are together. She feels safe with him and he just lets her be. He doesn't push and she doesn't either. Life isn't all puppy dogs and sunshine though. You have to read this. I mean seriously! It's my favorite book this year so far. I didn't plan to read it, now I can't imagine my life without having read it.

This was me after I finished this book and I'll bet you'll be just as excited!