A review by yvireads
Valorous by Marie Force


5 bazillion Stars

Oh... My... God... I'm not shitting you, when I say this one was even better then the first book... I finished it in one sitting. And now I'm not able to put my mind together...

In the beginning of the book I was really touched by all the support Natalie gets after her story was put out for the world to see. She's such a brave women and I can't imagine how to survive the hell she's lived at such a young age. But despite the horror she's going through, she always sees the light in the dark. She's convinced that all the bad shit that happens to her is worth for the love she's discovering with Flynn.
Flynn is the most amazing hero. He supports Natalie in every possible way and is feeling her pain, too. He's torn between telling Natalie about his sexual preferences and leaving them behind. He doesn't want to lose her over them and decides to leave his previous lifestyle for good, but is plagued at the same time by dreams of Natalie in the dungeon. And - holy shit - his dreams are HOT!!!
I don't want to tell much about the ending, 'cause almost every word is one too much at this point, but let me tell ya this, I can't believe this major cliffhanger. In the first book, I was like "yeah, a cliffhanger" and now I'm like "holy fucking shit, a cliffhanger".

I'm always wondering, how a book is able to swallow me up completely and leaves me breathless. I often truly feel with with the hero and heroine. Especially when it comes to a really emotional story like this one. But right now I can honestly feel the pain of both of them and my heart actually aches.

I'm in awe with M.S. Force, that she's able to write such an incredible story and I feel like I'm right with them. It's probably going to be a really long night for me, 'cause I'm not able to go to bed without starting the third book.