A review by kellyhager
The Truth of Yesterday by Josh Aterovis


In the interest of full disclosure, Josh and I are friends*. (Although he may wish this isn't true, since I texted him probably at least 20 times while reading this book, badgering him about plot points.) While I enjoyed getting to chat with the author while reading the book, I enjoyed it on its own merits and not because the author is my friend.

This is the fourth book in his Killian Kendall series. It's probably best to start at the beginning, but I think backstory is explained well enough that you don't HAVE to.

Killian is training to be a private eye. In this book, his boyfriend, Micah, hires him to investigate a murder. (Micah's ex, Paul, to be specific. It looks like a robbery gone bad, but Micah's not convinced.) There's actually a lot going on in this novel. That investigation, plus another (a friend of Killian's is acting strangely and all of a sudden has a ton of money), PLUS a supernatural element. But what I enjoyed most (well, besides Micah and Killian's relationship) is the fact that this book raises some serious questions. How important is the past? Is it fair to judge someone based on choices they made, if they've become a completely different person now? And what are your own personal deal-breakers? (Because I'm not sure I would've made some of the choices Killian made.)

There are two levels to this book. The first is a fun, engrossing mystery. And the second is a more philosophical one, raising and answering the questions mentioned above.

Highly recommended.

* = There are several authors I make this disclaimer for, but since Josh is the one who got me my dog, Sam, I think we're friends by anyone's definition. :)