A review by warragh
Eye of Terra by L.J. Goulding


An anthology of short stories alongside a very important novella.

1. The Wolf of Ash and Fire
Short story about Horus and the Emperor fighting together against a ton of orcs before the Ulanor campaign. A rare glimpse into the relationship between Horus and his father before the start of the Heresy, full of action and a very good intro for the book (also providing the cover art).

2. Aurelian
The biggest and most important part of the book. I tells the story of Lorgar's pilgrimage into the Eye of Terror. It shows the exact moment when Lorgar decided to follow the path of Chaos and presents his reasons and what compelled him to do that. It gives a ton of insight into Lorgar's character as well as his relationship and opinion of Chaos. Easily the best part of the anthology.

3. Massacre
The events of Istvaan 5 seen from the perspective of the Night Lords. Ruthless, blody and disturbing from start to finish.

4. Brotherhood of the Moon
A sequel of sorts to Scars. Tells the story of how the warrior lodges started in the White Scars legion from the point of view of Torghun Khan. Interesting and unique format but a kinda simplistic story overall.

5. Inheritor
Origin story for the infamous Eliphas the Inheritor of Dawn of War fame. Basically the Word Bearers and World Eaters lure some Ultramarines to Kronus in order to use the bloodshed to fuel some sort of Chaos engine. Fun and especially relevant to fans of the video games.

6. Vorax
On Mars a Dark Mechanicum Ratiomancer wants to use a corrupted piece of code to sabotage the loyal forces within the Solar system. However, some ravenous Vorax have other plans. Nothing really special besides some nice dismemberment scenes.

7. Ironfire
Sequel to Iron Within. After his shame in the previous story, Warsmith Krendl wants to earn back the favor of Perturabo by staging a simulation of an assault on the Holy Palace. Has plenty of action but overall I had the feeling that something was missing.

8. Red-Marked
Sergeant Aeonid Thiel fights to eliminate the Traitor forces still remaining within the 500 Worlds of Ultramar. Typical Ultramarines are the best story. Kept hoping for a twist which never came.

9. Master of the First
Internal strife brews between the Dark Angels stationed on Caliban. Keeps you guessing throughout, has a nice twist but on its own it is quite confusing in the grand scheme of things.

10. Stratagem
Sequel to Red-Marked. Thiel is summoned to Guilliman in order to explain his actions which form the basis for the future Codex Astartes. Short and basic story. Nothing special besides providing the moment when the idea of the Codex Astartes appeared for the first time.

11. The Long Night
Sevatarian, the First Captain of the Night Lords is held prisoner by the Dark Angels. He gets help and compassion from an unlikely source which helps him come to terms with his past and who he has become. Dark and grim but a typically fascinating rendition of Traitor Space Marines from Aaron Dembski-Bowden

12. Sins of the Father
Sanguinius ruminates on the nature of his sons and the duality of Azkaellon and Amit and how their strengths and weaknesses will rule their futures. Great for fans of the Blood Angels.

13. The Eagle's Talon
An Imperial Fists strike force attempts to sabotage an Iron Warriors ship above the skies of Tallarn. Tries to be dramatic but it stumbles a bit.

14. Iron Corpses
Sequel to The Eagle's Talon. After the destruction caused by the fall of the ship in the previous story, a lone Iron Warrior tries to bring a dormant Titan back to life. A very nice twist ending.

15. The Final Compliance of Sixty-Three Fourteen
The Sons of Horus arrive to demand the fealty of the planet 63-14. The planetary governor has a short time to decide the fate of this world. Short and tragic and very good.

16. Herald of Sanguinius
The origin story of the mysterious Sanguinor. A bit confusing and lacking context but again, great for Blood Angels fans

Overall a decent anthology, worth reading solely for Aurelian, the rest is of varying quality but acts as a nice bonus on top.