A review by ark99
Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce


So this kind of book wasn't for me. I received this from my library book club I chose it bc the cover was pretty and it was the only fantasy book on the table lol. I haven't read anything by Tamora Pierce before and I think if I had I may have liked the book better, I may read the first book in the Tortall world just to see if I like it however I'm not sure I will with how this one is written. It wasn't badly written but it was just kind of boring. It was a very well built world, very magical and stuff but to me it was kinda hard to read because nothing really happens. It's basically Arram Draper, a boy who will be a very powerful mage. He learns how to use his power, he makes friends, he goes on some trips to learn, etc.. But even though all of that stuff happened it didn't keep me interested! I honestly didn't have the motivation to finish this, I would've been perfectly fine not finishing it, nothing was keeping me from stopping. There was no climax, no build up, nothing happens, he just learns how to wield his power!
And I didn't really like any of the characters?? I kinda liked Ozorne he was a pretty cool dude but other than that they just didn't really interest me.
So I guess I'm used to books that are more action-y and stuff lol - So, uh if you like Tamora Pierce books or Classic fantasy in general this is the book for you! It just wasn't for me.