A review by anyaemilie
The (Other) F Word: A Celebration of the Fat and Fierce by Angie Manfredi


Thank you to Abrams Books/Amulet Books for the ARC!

I received a copy of this book in the mail a few days ago, and immediately dived in.

In short, I love this book. It’s everything I wished I had when I was younger, even though I never realized it. I have never been skinny, but I avoided calling myself fat because of all the negative connotations associated with it. This book helped me be a little more comfortable with myself, hearing (and seeing) all the different voices praising the importance of happiness, encouraging adventurous fashion, and saying it’s okay if you don’t feel okay with your body right now. It made that little, negative voice in my head a tiny bit quieter.

I hope it does the same thing for teen readers, because they need it the most. Being a teenager is hard, but being a fat teenager is harder. I am so glad that clothing brands are making bigger sizes now (shout out to the clothing guide in the back of this book!) and I’m glad that there are a few more fat people in the media for fat kids and teenagers to look up too. Mostly, though, I’m glad this book exists. It is a raw, honest look at what it’s like to exist while fat, and the essays, poems and art inside give vibrant life to fat people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

To Angie: Thank you for putting this together!