A review by milointhewoods
The Book of Dragons, by Jonathan Strahan


what heroism tells us: two stars
matriculation: four stars
hikayat sri bujang: four stars
yuli: three stars
a whisper of blue: five stars
nidhog: three stars
where the river turns to concrete: five stars
habitat: five stars
pox: five stars
the nine curves river: five stars
lucky’s dragon: five stars
i make myself a dragon: two stars
the exile: four stars (i cannot get this out of my head)
except on saturdays: five stars (chronically male)
la vitesse: four stars
a final knight to her love and foe: four stars
the long walk: kate elliot
cut me another quill, mr fitz: five stars
hoard: five stars (wish this one was longer)
the wyrm of lirr: four stars
the last hunt: five stars
we continue: three stars
small bird’s plea: four stars
the dragons: five stars
dragon slayer: two stars
camouflage: three stars (didn’t really understand this one ngl)
we don’t talk about the dragon: four stars
maybe just go up there and talk to it: three stars
a nice cuppa: four stars

on the whole, i thought the poetry in this was very mediocre and i wasn’t that impressed by it. but the short stories were overall successful for me! there were only two or three that i actively disliked, and i really enjoyed the rest. this was a really well crafted anthology, with some amazing illustrations by rovina cai who is an artist that i admire so much! standout stories to me were ken liu’s ‘a whisper of blue’, k. j. parker’s ‘habitat’ and ‘pox’ by ellen klages. i also really enjoyed ‘hoard’ by seanan mcguire but i desperately wish that it was longer, and ‘the exile’ by j. y. yang has been living in my brain rent free even thought it wasn’t my favourite when i first read it.