A review by dumblydore
Batman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive, Vol. 1 by Chuck Dixon, Roger Robinson, Rick Leonardi, Dave Ross, Ed Brubaker, Devin Grayson, Andrew Pepoy, Sean Phillips, William Rosado, Scott McDaniel, Jesse Delperdang, Phil Noto, Damion Scott, Kelley Puckett, Trevor McCarthy


Takes place after "Bruce Wayne - Murderer?" So, Bruce has escaped from prison, and as if nothing out of the ordinary has occurred, slips into his Bat costume and resumes his nightly patrolling.

Priceless WTF reaction from the Bat family right there. I love how Nightwing tries to provoke some reaction from Batman; honestly, one wonders how he put up with the psycho-Bat antics for so damn long. This Batman is nothing short of a screwed-up bastard—he's dangerous, stubborn, arrogant, uncooperative, dismissive and delusional. That's what happens when you take Bruce out of the Bat.

There're a lot of subplots going on simultaneously which I found irritating; it stilts the flow of the main narrative. But overall there is some fantastic dialogue and some great art sequences.