A review by the_knitting_librarian
Love Me More Than Anything in the World by Mira Furlan, Mira Furlan

emotional hopeful inspiring reflective fast-paced


"What am I doing here?" A common phrase throughout the entirety of this book (and of Mira's life). A woman who felt like she never belonged anywhere, and thus, ultimately belonged everywhere. But what is everywhere anyway? A place that certainly doesn't exist in this world of separated populations, defined by these invisible lines in the sand we call borders. And to belong to a place that isn't and can never be possible.... well, leaves you greatly disappointed. 

This is a rare book, one that truly lets the reader experience what it's like to be a human being. The life experiences, the heartaches, the abhorrent cruelty, complicated emotions, brutal honesty, relationships, motherhood, the resiliency... the hope. It's all there, raw and uncompromised as Mira writes her life story. It is not an "easy" read. I teared up many times as I struggled to comprehend these profound moments of her life…. I can't recommend it enough- everyone should read it. 

I think the greatest lesson this book can teach us is to look at the person standing in front of you, at any time in your life, and treat them like the human being they are. A little compassion and understanding can go a long way; we humans are losing ourselves as we suffer the loses of our deep connections to each other. Find that little kid in the crowd who shies away, who feels complicated, who feels like nobody understands them, who doesn't belong, who feels unloved. Hug them and tell them- "You are worthy of this world just exactly as you are. You belong here."

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