A review by sunnyaz4me
Blood Infernal by James Rollins


Blood Infernal - From cover to cover I was entranced. I sat down well before sunrise with my mug of chai and was swiftly drawn back into the world of the Sanguine and strigoi, I could hardly flip the pages fast enough to keep up with the action. It was hours later when I realized that I’d missed breakfast, was just past lunch time and I’d hardly touched a drop of chai…and the worst of all, realizing that I had all too few pages until I reached the back cover. I wanted to slow down my reading, to relish the end of the series, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do so. In the last hour or so of my reading I can’t count how many times I had tears trickling down my face - sad tears, happy tears, laughing tears…. Even hours after I closed the back cover (& had some pizza) I find my mind wandering back to their stories, not quite ready to give them up. While they did wrap the trilogy up quite masterfully, thankfully James Rollins & Rebecca Cantrell left some kernels of hope that they’re not quite done with the whole overarching Sanguine story. I imagine it won’t be long before I brew some chai and pick up my copy again. This time hopefully reading it more leisurely and stopping to eat occasionally. I highly encourage you to grab a copy of Blood Infernal, sit down with your own mug of chai or coffee and fall into the trance of their writing.