A review by octavia_cade
Dark Things V by Jessy Marie Roberts, Matt Kurtz, Kelly Hashway, Christian Crews


I've only just got round to reading this, some years after it turned up in the post. (Oh, to-read piles, you are large and intimidating.) One of my very early stories, "Eye for an Eye", is in here though, so this is hardly an unbiased review on my part. As always in short story anthologies, some of the tales are more interesting than others. The best one here, I think, is "Under the Skin" by Rebecca Lloyd, which is a creepy little piece about a woman turning into a reptile - the description of her skin-shedding hands is genuinely revolting, so that was fun. I also liked the road-trip after the zombie apocalypse story "'Til the End of the Road", by Tony Simmons, which had zombies potentially evolving into more intelligent creatures than the norm.