A review by motherhorror
The Pool by Jason Sechrest


Imagine me standing up on the roof of my house right now, horror fans surround me everywhere. I grab a beer in one hand, no, make that a margarita on the rocks, and a megaphone in the other hand.
I address the crowd.
At this point, I feel like the megaphone is hurting people's ears so I just shout down into the eager faces looking up at me. I suspect that some of them just want to watch me fall off my house.
"Listen to me. I read a short story earlier about this old man on a long road with all these emotions and this awesome ending. I rated it 5 stars. Then, Jason sent me a link to another one of his stories called THE POOL and I read it in less than an hour because it's short, right?
It's short but OH MY GAWD!
How does he do this?? First of all, Jason's storytelling voice is so natural. It's so compelling. Like you instantly feel your reader's brain shutting out the distractions and slipping into optimum reading enjoyment zone. You know that zone??
It's immediate.
Then, the story begins to unfold and you're just like captivated by this character and these events and this character's drive to have this pool.
Then Sechrest flips the tables on you. He just *flip* turns this thing on its head and you're literally staring at the screen like, WHAT DID I JUST READ?? Then you jump on your roof and you tell everyone they better be reading this guy's stories because HOLY HELL! If you're not reading them now, you will be. Because this author is going to light it up.
So do yourself a favor and start now?
You have to maybe subscribe to his Patreon or something. I don't know. Do whatever it takes.
Mother Horror is going to finish her margarita."