A review by anya_doesntmatter
Whippersnapper by Michael Rupured


2.5 stars

That moment ( again) when I feel like the only one that “just didn’t get it.” I wanted to love this book and I deeply appreciated the message about embracing love in its many forms but I like my stories to focus mainly on the MC’s. I don’t mind strong supporting characters, I love them but their storyline shouldn’t overshadow that of the main characters especially if it’s not really contributing to the MC’s relationship. Who’s this story supposed to be about precisely?
The MC’s ( Tellumo and Oliver), came across as caricatures of May/ December couples who are at different crossroads in life. Both characters lacked depth. It’s like the story never made the leap beyond the “young fit hottie” and the “grumpy old man”. The relationship is superficial, it doesn’t go beyond the initial attraction where each character grow into loving each other despite the age gap and life experiences. I just didn’t see the connection and ultimately didn’t buy their relationship. Though Peggy is awesome, I think less time should have been spent on her and more should have been spent building Tellumo and Oliver’s relationship.