A review by yopo
The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Two by


Really fun book of short stories. Would definitely recommend. Horror that wasn't gruesome, suspense that wasn't schlocky. I only skipped a few stories, and mostly due to over-use of dialects or cheeseville settings. Would revisit a few stories:

"Each Thing I Show You is a Piece of my Death" by Gemma Files & Stephen J. Barringer
Reminded me a lot of House of Leaves. A scary tech story about some filmmakers organizing a film festival and a haunted tape that infects other films.

"What Happens When You Wake Up in the Night" by Michael Marshall Smith
Spooky short story, reminded me a lot of something out of Are You Afraid of the Dark. Good concept and didn't draw it out too long.

"Technicolor" by John Langan
A great mix of fantasy, academia, and suspense. Perfect note to end on, especially since the topic mimicked the first story's plot.