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Gender Queer: A Memoir Deluxe Edition by Maia Kobabe

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General disclaimer if you’ve read other reviews by me and are noticing a pattern: You’re correct that I don’t really give starred reviews, I feel like a peasant and don’t like leaving them and most often, I will only leave them if I vehemently despised a book. Thus, no stars doesn’t indicate that the book wasn’t worthy of any starred system. It just means I enjoy most books for what they are, & I extract lessons from them all, even if the lesson is that I’m a ho for the smut, recognizing a genre/book/author is not for me, or confronting my own mommy/daddy issues lol. Everyone’s reading experiences are subjective, so I hope my reviews provide enough information to let you know if a book is for you or not. Happy reading! Find me on Instagram: @bookish.millennial

asdsdjhfslhflsdjhskfh I borrowed this from the library and after reading, I want my own copy! I adored this graphic novel/memoir from Maia Kobabe and I am so glad I read this.

Disclaimer: There are a few Harry Potter references in here, but this was published in May 2019 before JKR revealed herself as a TERF POS.

Topics covered:
  • asexuality / aromantics 
  • gender dysphoria
  • finding queer representation in books and music 
  • finding queer community through the Queer Straight Alliance in high school
  • getting eir period and the trauma of navigating this along with pap smears 
  • figuring out what sexual orientation label felt right 
  • discussing queerness with eir family, friends and classmates
  • experimenting with masturbation and tracking this to figure out eir feelings on the physical act of sex in general
  • the spiral of constantly questioning and/or hating eir body
  • binding, clothes/shopping, haircuts/styles, bodily hair 
  • and so much more!

Besides this being highly informative for anyone who is unfamiliar with gender queerness, asexuality, aromantic, nonbinary, othergender, etc, it's at its core a beautifully generous and vulnerable account from Maia's journey as ey question and figure out all of this. I'm so grateful to em for sharing this with us. 

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