A review by hmatt
Gender Queer, by Maia Kobabe

hopeful informative fast-paced


I really like how the author breaks down the topics of sexuality, gender, and pronoun use by recounting eir own experiences and thoughts. And I love the comic style! Whether unintentional because of eir experiences or intentional, it's also notable that this comic steers clear of depicting major [trans/homo/bi/etc.]-phobic events, which could potentially trigger certain readers (It does depict and describe many, many minor events and traumatic dysphoric medical experiences - all of these from what I can remember are unintentional? For what that's worth?).

Big big kudos for conveying fandom/shipping/fanfiction/etc. in a positive, affirming, non-judgemental way. 

I would have loved to see more explicit discussion around the author's asexuality, but maybe this could come in future works as a dedicated topic? It's mentioned here, but then there are other scenes that are very clearly ace experiences to someone educated on the topic that I think will get overlooked to an uninformed reader.

One of my favourite panels (and honestly an affirming moment, because this is a thought I constantly think) is "Would Harry Styles wear this shirt?" (p. 229).

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