A review by kbranfield
Striking Range by Margaret Mizushima


4.5 stars.

Striking Range by Margaret Mizushima is a riveting mystery that takes place in rural Colorado. Although this newest release is the seventh installment in the Timber Creek K-9 Mystery series, it can be read as a standalone.

Hoping to finally solve her father’s murder, K-9 Deputy Mattie Cobb teams up with San Diego cold case Detective Jim Hauck to question prisoner John Cobb. But when they arrive at the prison, they discover he died that morning. Disappointed, Mattie and her K-9 partner Robo head back to Timber Creek to gear up to follow the only lead they find in his cell. Jim joins them as they return to Redstone Ridge where they search the cave where John held her prisoner. Robo leads them to a surprising discovery along with other possible crime scenes. Before they can finish their hunt for more evidence, Mattie joins the investigation when a body is found at a local campground.

After a long night without much sleep, Mattie and Detective Stella LoSasso work together on the current case.  They are not making much progress but Stella discovers information that is absolutely chilling. They also locate the victim’s car which partially solves a troubling incident but also leads to more questions. Tirelessly tracking down each new lead, Mattie, Stella and Robo find an unlikely suspect who gives them valuable new evidence. But will they find their new suspect before someone that Mattie loves finds themselves in a dangerous situation?

Striking Range is a fast-moving mystery with a captivating storyline and atmospheric setting. Mattie is a dedicated deputy who will not rest until this latest case is resolved. Her relationship with local veterinarian Cole Walker continues to evolve and he remains an integral part of the volunteer force. Mattie’s friendship with Stella deepens as they work together on the current case. The continuing story arc about Mattie’s past simmers in the background as she puts all her effort into their current investigation. With a shocking plot twist, Margaret Mizushima brings this latest addition to the fantastic Timber Creek K-9 Mystery series to a nerve-wracking conclusion.