A review by jessseadoesstuff
Draculas - A Novel of Terror by F. Paul Wilson, Blake Crouch, Jack Kilborn, Jeff Strand



The writing was fine. I enjoyed the series of characters. Plot was predictable but enjoyable. I quit reading the bonus content and would recommend skipping it. Draculas is fine. Possibly enjoyable if you skip right to the start.

The big problem I had started with the introductions tone. For a book that claims and wants to be scary and not sexy, it really misses for mark. The introduction and "apology" to Bram Stoker book makes it clear this book was written by white males trying to be edgy. There were several laughable moments by female characters. Writing in a round robin isn't new. I don't want to tell spoilers but literally did things they were supposedly against.

I understand that part of this came from a Twilight pushback and that didn't age well. I don't want to defend that book and luckily I don't have to. Hopefully one it the extras writing was worse than Meyers.

I really hope the apology to Stoker was about what they were doing and not popular culture. Ugh. rambling review. Don't shit talk tropes and then do them. Especially when you clearly missed things that Stoker did. Don't make a big deal about writing a horror story when I'd be okay with mature kids who can handle the language and sex reading it.