A review by nicolepeck
A Country Christmas by Jennifer Moore, Josi S. Kilpack, Carla Kelly


Saints and Sinners by Josi S. Kilpack: I enjoyed this romance between Eloise and Neville, with a lifelong friendship and some misunderstandings that finally turned into the romance they both were wanting but didn't quite know how to go about pursuing. Each part of the story was entertaining and tied together well. I felt like I was right there at the ball, then Eloise's cold winter ride, Neville chasing down Mr. Burke, and the Christmas Eve dinner. Very well done! I loved this story!!!

The Christmas Angle by Carla Kelly: This was a very interesting story for me. It was well done and entertaining, though it didn't have the same degree of subtle humor that I've read in other Carla Kelly stories. It was a bit more serious and a slower pace, though I don't mean that made it boring, because it was very interesting with all the historical details. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters of Able and Meridee and their developing romance, as well as Able's history and abilities, along with Meridee's family and their interactions with the main characters. I definitely wondered at the title before I started reading this novella, but it was clever and worked into the story very well.

The Perfect Christmas by Jennifer Moore: Very well done, though I was left wondering if there was a prequel to this that I missed with more of Jane's history (and the other characters as well). However, I still really enjoyed the story and how it developed. I loved the snowball fight, the small twists the story took that Archie had to adjust to and change his way of thinking, and the coming together of everything for Christmas by the end.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this anthology. With 3 stories in it, the novellas were able to be a little longer with more time to develop the story and the characters and their relationships but still read each one at a fairly quick pace. A great book. I look forward to reading the rest of the anthologies in this series.

***I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.***