A review by mehsi
Elite Ambition by Jessica Burkhart


4.5 stars. And the arc continues, with finally some stuff that I was hoping for to happen for quite some time, and also a cliffhanger.

Last book we found out that Heather had been mailing Jacob from Sasha’s account, saying all the things that Sasha never dared to say. I found it a bit strange, but it is the Heather way to thank someone for stuff they did. Mostly I was delighted, finally someone who tells it as it is. Finally some progress in the whole Jacob x Sasha thing, as that was just getting silly. They should just kiss already and make up. They clearly love each other and they should get together.
Thankfully, thanks to those mails, and thanks to Sasha getting her brain back, we had some Sasha x Jacob moments. Nothing overly romantic, as people still don’t know what happened, and they don’t want more drama, but it is a start, and I was just squeeing all the time. :)

We also have a new girl on the team. Say hello to Brit. My, oh my, I loved the girl from the beginning. I was a bit worried though, the last time we had a new girl she turned out to be an enormous pain in the ass (Jasmine), so while I did love the new girl, I was also wary, expecting a change any moment.
But as the book went on and on, I started realizing that this girl is my new favourite girl. She was kind, sweet, lovable, and she wasn’t judging Sasha, instead she helped her out.
I loved that she was amazing on a horse, that she apparently could just mind read with the horse and get the cues through. I loved it, especially since she now forms a rival for Callie, which makes things really interesting.
I am really happy that Brit was added, though I am sad she was added this late in the book. Only 2 books left, and I just wish we could have more Brit. I want to know more about her, about her life before CCA.

Sasha, ah Sasha, still not always tactful in her ways, but she is working on stuff, and hoping to get things sorted. If only she hadn’t lied in the beginning, if only she had trusted her best friends and told them. Sure, it would ruin things for Jacob, but hey, that is a thing called responsibility and he deserved to get the blame.
But she is also amazing, and I loved how kind she was towards Brit, instantly being nice to her, helping her out, talking to her, giving tips on horses, and so much more. It really shows Sasha’s true nature of making friends with everyone, helping people out, and being a kind person.

Paige, or Callie, I didn’t like either of them, which was a surprise, well at least in the case of Paige. I love Paige, I loved her in the other books, but in this book? I just hated her, and what she did, how she acted. Sure, Sasha had it coming, but I feel that this isn’t how you do things. This isn’t how you talk to each other. I miss the old Paige, and I hope we will see her back in the next book or at least in the last book. It would be terrible if she would stay this way for the last few books.
I was shocked at what she did in the last pages. That is just not what friendship is about. This is not what you are supposed to do. And I was just really shouting: “How could you!”

Heather is a character I have grown to love, a lot. She is a fantastic girl. Snarky and a bit mean at times, but she has her heart in the right place, and I loved how she acted in the past few books. She really has become a great character. From a mean queen bee, to still a queen bee but with kindness (and a bit of snark, but I don’t mind that).

Julia, meh. She is pretty decent, but I didn’t like her attitude in this book.

There is a lot of drama in this book, humans and horses. I really enjoyed this book and I was just flying through the pages (well, at least when I had time to read) and devouring the drama. Cheering for this girl or that boy, hoping for that things will become better for everyone.

There is a lot of horse stuff going on, with trainings, outdoor practices, and to top it all off, a showing. I loved all those parts with the horses. I also loved that Sasha is talking to Charm a lot, it made me laugh, though it is recognizable. I don’t have a horse, but I used to have pets, and I talked to them.

All in all, this is one book I would highly recommend. I immediately had to buy the next book with that cliffhanger, I just wanted to know what happened. Now I just have to wait for it to be delivered (soooon). I will also be sad that the series will be over so soon. :(

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