A review by helen_nguyen_812
All the Ways We Said Goodbye by Lauren Willig, Karen White, Beatriz Williams

adventurous emotional mysterious sad tense fast-paced


The book offered me a one-of-a-kind journey for two-thirds of the road, but then it left me hanging in the last few chapters. At first, I was skeptical because a book with 3 writers would definitely have mistakes in regard to keeping a consistent writing style. Despite that, when I first opened the first few pages, I realized that I had got it all wrong, but what bothers me is the plot. Personally, I would never be able to forgive knowing my husband only think of me as a replacement, and then even when he is on his deathbed, he moans another woman's name. That is just absolutely unacceptable, therefore, I could not relate at all.

Moreover, what happened with the ending? Why was it so abrupt? In addition to the fact that the ending of the book was so rushed, the secret revelation and plot twist was not really a "twist" because I have anticipated that Max is related to Daisy since their first encounter. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the book enough to say that there were bumps on our journey, but we altogether made it to the end.