A review by machuvicchu
The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang


I told myself I needed to take the time to wait and collect my thoughts to write a coherent review but I don't think I will ever get to that point, especially with this book. In other words I don't know how incoherent and scattered this review is going to be.

I was a bit intimidated at first because this is a fantasy novel based on historical events concerning the second Sino-Japanese war. To be honest, I'm not as well versed in Asian history as I wish I was. Plus, I wasn't sure my pea-sized brain would understand the complexities and workings of this world. I'm happy to say that as a whole it wasn't too hard to understand and I was able to make small connections between this world and ours (ex. The Principles of War by Sunzi versus The Art of War by Sun Tzu