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Delirious by Marie Force


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The Quantum series is one that I've enjoyed.  Each couple brought a little something different into the family that has made up this erotic series.  Kristian and Aileen's story has been one that I've looked forward to the most.  After everything Aileen had been through, she deserved a HEA.  And Kristian was the tortured kind of hero that I love.  But their romance almost felt rushed and it took away a bit from their overall story.

Aileen and Kristian have almost the same level of insta-love that Flynn and Natalie had.  But where that worked for Flynn and Natalie over three books, felt rushed in DELIRIOUS.  Kristian had a lot of issues.  Issues that won't go away because Aileen sat with him in his closet.  And given how the book started with his issues of inadequacy rearing its head on a night he'd been looking forward to, I'd expect a little more hesitation on Kristian's part and the two of them really needing to work through what happened to Kristian. 

Then there was Aileen's health.  They both had significant issues when it came to Aileen's cancer and they looked at those issues differently.  I would have expected this to be a major issue that needed to be worked through.  Add in the kids and I needed more than the 248 pages it took to get through this story.  

This doesn't mean it wasn't a great read...it was.  But given the tough subject matter (which almost rivaled Natalie's) I wanted more to feel confident this couple had truly worked through the issues that popped up in order to believe the HEA.