A review by frater
Murder in the Place of Anubis by Lynda S. Robinson


A short but entertaining read - Meren, Eyes of the Pharoah and friend of the living god, and his son investigate a series of murders, with a cast of suspects consisting of some very colourful characters!

The first thing I worry about when starting a new historical series is that the author will be so pleased with their research that they will sacrifice story pacing to lecture about history. I enjoy history, and enjoy reading history non-fiction books, but in a fictional story heavy handed over-working of the setting derails the story and is far more annoying than under-characterising the setting.

Lynda manages to avoid this by sketching in ancient egypt with the lightest of touches, so much so that you rarely notice she is doing it at all. The details are seamlessly woven into the story and the perceptions of the protagonists.

Overall, the story is light, easily-readable, short and enjoyable. I'll definitely be back for more.