A review by effy
Lost in the Moment and Found by Seanan McGuire


I have very little expectations going into this book as we had only met Antoinette briefly in the previous book and only really to establish what made her special. I appreciated the author's note that preceded the story beginning as this book definitely deals with some incredibly difficult subject matter but there was a comfort in knowing
Spoilerthat Antsy ran.

This book hurt but it also felt really affirming. The thing that really stood out for me was
Spoilerthe loss of childhood for Antsy. Whilst she may have been able to save some of her innocence by running, she nonetheless lost her childhood as a result of Tyler and I felt that on such a deep level.

Whilst the books in this series don't really dwell too much on the characters after they return "home" - although there is no saying that it wouldn't happen as the series is relatively young - I think it would be nice to be able to see 
Spoilermore of Antsy's recovery
... and maybe we will in future books?

I am excited to see what is next in store for the Wayward Children but sad that I will have to wait another year :( 

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