A review by daydreamangel18
Honor Girl: A Graphic Memoir, by Maggie Thrash


Maggie Thrash's graphic memoir was an average read to me. I understand that it was an important summer of her sexual awakening but in term of entertainment value, it felt quite pedestrian. I liked some parts of it that take me back to the start of the 3rd millennium, and just for sheer nostalgia, it was relatable and familiar since I am about the author's age. The campers, however, were virtually indistinguishable to me, and I couldn't tell them apart - were they drew not differently enough or was the shoddy caricatures intentional? And the ending felt anticlimactic and I was disappointed that Maggie blew her chance (I know it's a true story but still). Anyways, it wasn't horrible but not anything special either.