A review by haylisreading
Dead Little Mean Girl by Eva Darrows


3.25 stars

I liked the first half of the book where the reader basically just witnessed how cruel Quinn really is. And, wow, she is something. She was homophobic, fat shaming, racist, manipulative, and used people. And my mouth fell open on numerous occasions after reading about some of the things she had done or said.

But then the romantic interest was introduced and I kind of tuned out. I did not care for that at all. I don't really think this book really needed romance. I just wanted to continue reading about how mean Quinn was.

SpoilerAfter she died, I felt bad for her. She was young. They said she was unhappy. (Okay, and I kind of zoned out towards the end.) But there was no reason for her to be as cruel and as mean as she was.