A review by effy
Blow: Part One by November Sweets


This book really started my month off strong. In this story we are following a number of people who are all working through trauma and just trying to make it from one day to the next. The main character of Maddy is running from a truly despicable childhood (which we do see depicted on page but it feels as though it feels as though the balance of giving the reader the information without feeling gratuitous) and finds a peace through drugs, alcohol, music and one night stands. I felt as though I saw a lot of my younger self reflected in her. I really enjoyed the way that the men are not looking to change her but rather they love her exactly the way that she is in the place she is in on her journey towards healing. The way that they did not ask her to detail her history and acknowledged her limits, never pushing, was utterly perfect. There were a number of moments throughout this book that showed a lot of thought and consideration had gone into the crafting of this story. One great example was when the men were at a charity event to help abused children and they said that they were attempting to create a safe haven for the children so using them for publicity would defeat the point.

This book ends with quite the cliffhanger with a number of threads left hanging for book 2 but thankfully these books are on a rapid release schedule and book 2 will be out at the end of May!

Favourite quotes:
You never have to apologize for being who you are, we don't want perfect, we want you.

Time may heal all wounds but some scars can last a lifetime.

You are an imperfect human just trying to live, I would never look down on you for that. If one day you decide you want to change, then I will be here to help you through whatever that looks like.

Recovering from anything isn't an overnight process, it's lifelong.

Unconditional love means love the person in the darkness and in the light.

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