A review by khayes0525
Doctor Who: Minuet in Hell by Alan W. Lear, Gary Russell


This has such a fun concept, but good lord, do they drop the ball, and then kick it, and then trip over it, and then the ball explodes. The entire time I listened to this story, I was excited for it to be over. On the surface, it sounds cool. There's a devil-worshipping club of politicians, The Doctor's in an asylum, and Charley is...present in the story. She's definitely there, doing...something, I think. But cool concept a good story does not make. The American accents are abysmal, the story is boring, the demons are cheesy, and because the Eighth Doctor has amnesia AGAIN (because of course he does, man forgets who is every 20 minutes) the protagonist of the story has no agency and is no fun to listen to.

Don't bother with this one.