A review by abigailbat
Taking Off by Jenny Moss


It's 1985 in Houston, Texas and high school senior Annie has a secret. She wants to be a poet. Only, she's having a hard time admitting that to anyone, even to herself. What kind of living can you make being a poet? It seems an impossible dream. So Annie's stuck. While her best friend is going off to college next year and her boyfriend Mark wants her to stay in town and marry him, Annie is frozen by indecision. And then she meets Christa McCauliffe, an ordinary high school teacher who was chosen from thousands of applicants to go into space on the Challenger. Suddenly, Annie has a glimmer of hope. If this ordinary teacher can reach for her dreams, why can't Annie?

This is a realistic portrayal of a teen facing her senior year of high school and the seemingly impossible future that stretches out beyond. Jenny Moss does a good job of capturing the time period with details and her author's note is a very nice addition. I only wish that there had been more showing of Annie's emotions and reactions, rather than telling.

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